Mentor Sessions

So you’re interested in learning something new, eh? That is GREAT! Because I am ready to share my heart with you! Between my degree in marketing and years of experience with photography, I now want to pour into YOU what has been poured in me.

As a self taught photographer, I encourage people to take advantages of resources the internet has to offer - especially resources that offer 1-on-1 learning experiences. Running a business is intimating as HECK and there are so many ways to do it. How do you know which way is YOUR way??

That’s what I aim to uncover in these mentor sessions. How to bring YOU to your business in every way. My purpose is not to show you all my tricks so you can do them in return, (as in, “Here ya go…now off with you!”) but instead using my knowledge to discover what is best for your pathway. We are all beautifully unique and that is exactly what I want us to embrace.

Can I get a HECK YES?!

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The best thing about these sessions?? You can ask me ANYTHING about my photography - I am here to be transparent. Not only do I desire to encourage growth in you as a photographer, but I am also here to encourage you as a HUMAN BEING. A lot of my teachings stem from self awareness. This means getting to know our strengths and weakness, and that being what enables us to succeed in our career. (meaning we are going to find out what works for you best, and not force something that doesn’t scream YOU) To me, knowing ourselves and embracing who we our is so important, and letting that spill over into business has been one of the greatest tools for me. SO LET’S DOOOO THIS!

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4-5 Hours // $0.00

If you are around where I live or where I am traveling, this one is IDEAL for you! This sessions let us meet, (expect hugs) chat, and do a live couples session! Not only do you get in-depth knowledge, BUT you also get portfolio work! Yeah it’s freaking awesome. I will have you fill out a questionnaire that helps me get to know you, your vision for your business, and what you hope to get out of this mentor session. (we are making every inch of the session tailored to you!)

Once the day comes, we will meet for about 1-2 hours before our shoot so we can hangout! (I mentioned hugs remember?!) During this time I will prep you on how I get ready for my own sessions: how to make clients feel ready and comfortable, taking the time to get to know them, how to destroy the traditional prom posing by bringing some candid adventures into the session, and basically how to continue to make your clients feel encouraged to let lose and enjoy one another.

From there we will head out to meet our lovely couple! I will take the reins in the beginning to put my words into action for you! What this will look like: me directing our couple in my normal ways, showing you how I communicate, pose, and frolic around to bring life into sessions. From there I will hand over the captain’s hat and you will get your time with the couple to practice what I preached. And you will ROCK it!


Once we finish our session we will go back our hang out spot so we can debrief and talk about anything and everything! This can include editing, questions you had at the session you may have forgotten, etc. You have free rein during this time to make it your own!

T H I N G W E C A N C H A T A B O U T:

(just to name a few - you are free to ask things not listed here)

  • Client Communication + Experience

  • Branding

  • How being YOU attracts your ideal client

  • Websites

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Role vs. Identity

  • The importance of relationships

  • How to ignore the numbers game

  • You are more then just a photographer

  • Unposing Poses

SkypE Sessions

1.5 Hours // $0.00

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