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If you’ve made it this far then you’ve probably searched through my website, seen my work, got a feel for my style, and want to be friends with me as much as I want to be friends with you?? …or am I wishfully thinking? It’s just because I like hugs. Either way let’s talk pricing and what you can expect on my end, then we will get this adventure rolling!




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I can promise you there will be laughter, smiles, hugs, kisses, and most likely me bawling right along side you. I encourage authenticity; be YOU and let me do the rest. I love stolen kisses, sweet touches, sneaky smiles, and getting lost in adventures and love! At the end of the day the greatest gift you will receive is one another. It isn’t cake or how the décor will look – it is YOUR person. THEY will become one of the greatest lights in your life. Couples that see and understand this are such a beautiful thing to behold because, on the wedding day, their eyes only long to see one another.

I have had SO many people tell me are they are not good in front of the camera. However, you will be surprised how, with a little bit of posing guidance and me acting like a complete goofball because I LOVE what I do, couples will quickly grow comfortable and have fun! That is what I desire for you and your loved one – comfort, happiness, and for your worries to fade away. Love between two people is a beautiful thing to witness, and it is such a blessing to capture.

If you desire to go the traditional route, you know, the prom, looking-at-the-camera poses - capturing the tangent details and not the emotional one - then I am going to be real here…I am not the right fit for you. I want people to find the photographer they are meant to work with, and a lot of times that is not me. I desire to be more than just your wedding photographer. I want to be a friend who happens to be there documenting your day!

So for those of you who love breathing in mountain air, climbing hand-in-hand (don’t worry it doesn’t have to be my hand but it’s always an option!!) over rocky shores, getting your dress dirty, chasing the last bit of sunset light, or fearlessly LOVING your person then we are MEANT to be together. So keep on scrolling!



  • GOLDEN, DARKER EDITING: I love warmth in photos and strive to bring life back into photographs with golden tones. My edits usually contain more contrast, darker shadows, but are still filled with light and richness. All is combined to create my signature look!

  • CANDID & CAREFREE POSING: I am all about movement in poses. (to the extend where I’m flipping your hair for you and your like what they heck are you doing Shelby..then you see the shot and understand the method to my madness) We will absolutely get a few posed shots for announcements, but after that you better believe we are going to frolic (or walk around in a happy manner for the men folk out there) and have fun!

  • THE MOUNTAINS ARE CALLING: Part of my life motto is to always be seeking new adventures whether big or small. I crave to be out in nature because it renews my soul and it is where I find God most evidently. So when I discover couples who share the same views, and even more so, wish to celebrate their wedding amidst a natural setting, you better believe my heart is ignited. A life filled with adventure is a life well lived.

  • KEEPSAKE PACKAGING: Part of the reasoning behind my name (The “Wood” in Thistle + Wood) derived from my love of anything wood. So when it came to creating my wedding collections I wanted to put a little piece of me - as a keepsake - inside them. To me I also saw characteristics reflected through these boxes what a marriage should have: strength & durability - something that can handle wear and scratches and yet still hold itself together. All my wedding collections come with a wooden keepsake package that I am obsessed with!

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Thistle wood photo thistlewood shelby robinson photography photographer


P R I C I N G & I N F O

* Every wedding + elopement collection comes with an online gallery & keepsake box that contains a USB + release form. In other words, we’re making it easy to share your photos!

*A non-refundable retainer of 30% is required to book your wedding*

Lifestyle  PACKAGEs begin at

PACKAGEs begin at


1 hour coverage • online gallery • professional image processing • release form • up to 2 outfit changes

Wedding day  PACKAGEs begin at

Wedding day
PACKAGEs begin at


6 hours coverage • Wedding Welcome Guide • schedule consultation • two photographers • engagement session • professional image processing • custom USB + wooden keepsake box • online gallery • release form

Elopement  PACKAGEs begin at

PACKAGEs begin at


3 hours coverage • schedule consultation • professional image processing • custom USB + wooden keepsake box • online gallery • release form



Are you planning your wedding or elopement at a one of a kind spot? Check out my BUCKET LIST to see if any of my dream locations match up with yours. Then we can work out a deal and make it happen!

Basically…I CAN be travel-sized for you!


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