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Think of a word that describes what you want to bring to life on your wedding day - the first thing you think of, or what makes you smile when you think it. If it falls in line with adventurous, authentic, candid, a celebration of light and love, realness, God, or YOUR person then let me tell you... YOU ARE MY KINDA PEOPLE! A wedding is not just something to check off the to-do list - it is NOT something to be done because your mom wants you to do it in a certain way. A wedding is an age old celebration of a union between a couple that is filled with promises that will define the rest of your lives. It is YOUR day - one that begins a new journey hand in hand together.

I LIVE for candid moments and the details within them: barefoot, messy hair, dirty dress, and rich love. I aim to capture life and the realness within it, and real life is not perfection. Therefore you should not be in your images; instead you should be captured living in moments of happiness, feeling the wind on your face, the earth beneath your feet, and your hands encompassed in the ones of your Love.

You got dirt on your dress? Who cares. Because the memory of when he first saw you, and the smile he gave you in that moment is all that truly matters. Oh, it’s raining? That doesn’t matter. Go out and dance in the rain together and create memories that will last even longer than what you will create hiding away inside. You're worried about the timeline - being able to fit everything in? Don’t be. It’s not about impressing others - fitting to their standards. It’s about how much time you will get to spend with your person on that day. Everything else fades away.

You get to marry your soulmate and spend forever growing in light and love together? Now THAT is what I’m talking about.


Elopement Collections start at:

local to georgia // $1,500
Other U.S. States // $2,700
(includes travel)

Wedding Collections start at:

local to georgia // $2,350
Other U.S. States // $3,550
(includes travel)

If you want to book a session with me while I am traveling to a spot near you, check out my travel schedule to see where I am wandering - then you won’t have to deal with those extra traveling fees!

Sounds pretty perfect, eh? So get this adventure going!


"Shelby is simply the best! It’s now almost five months since our wedding, and we still feel so grateful that we chose Shelby to be our wedding photographer. It remains one of our absolute favorite wedding decisions. I did so much research when looking for photographers, and we ended up taking a risk booking Shelby - a risk only because we live and had our wedding in MASSACHUSETTS and knew we wouldn’t have the chance to meet Shelby in person prior to our wedding day.

But it all worked out perfectly! Not only is Shelby talented, it was her personality and positive energy on the day of the wedding that made us feel so lucky to have her there on the day. She and her second shooter were upbeat, efficient and so comfortable to be around. They also worked so well with our videographer, our guests thought they were all part of the same team! Spending time taking couple portraits with Shelby remains one of our favorite memories from our wedding; it just felt like having fun and goofing around with a great friend.

There are so many decisions to make when wedding planning. If we could do it all over again, we may have made some different choices, but one choice we are still 110% confident in is that we chose Shelby to capture such an important and exciting day. Thank you!"

- Lauren + James

"These are so unbelievable. To be honest, I have never truly felt so good in my own skin as I did on our wedding day and I wish that feeling could last forever. And looking at these photos makes me feel those things all over again! These photos captured our day so perfectly and I cannot imagine anyone else being able to do what you’ve done! 

Shelby is the best and I would ABSOLUTELY recommend her to anyone! She is the sweetest soul, had the best energy in every conversation and interaction, and wow does she take some good photos along the way. BOOK HER!"

  • Savannah + TJ


”I could write a book on our experience with Shelby. Not only is she an incredible photographer, but she's SO sweet and makes every shoot so comfortable. We hired Shelby for our wedding, and the first time we met her I felt like we'd been BFFs forever. Our images are absolutely stunning and I will be spamming the world with them and name dropping her for the rest of forever."

- Katie + Chayse