Step 1 of our Mentorship!


Let’s Get that Connection Started!

 You’re probably tired of filling things out, but I PROMISE this one is a huge investment into our mentor session.

There are things everyone wants to learn, and then there are things YOU want to learn.  We are here to highlight that YOU part and make this session 100% tailored to what you want to add to your photo journey.

Take this questionnaire and make it yours – I encourage you to pour your heart out, be honest, and let me know what you are hoping to get from our time together. I can promise, it is already going to be wonderful!




The Questionnaire of Friendship

…kinda. But it’s a great place to start!

What do you specialize in right now? Ex. If you do photography, what genres do you pursue?
Now of those genres what absolutely fuels your heart and passion? Are there any you have to force yourself to do?
What social media platforms are you active on?
What website platform do you use?
What brand is your camera?
What is one strength in your business overall? Something you feel you have mastered? (I know you have at least ONE!)
What is one weakness? Something you hope to cover reeeeeal good in our session.
Give me a few goals you hope to conquer within the next year for your business.
Describe your editing style!
RIGHT NOW, if you could summarize your brand in three words what would they be? After our session and as your grow in the future, what three words do you hope to achieve and then describe for your business? (Basically a three word before/after)
If you could describe yourself (personally) in 3 words what would they be? (This isn’t the time to be bashing yourself, take the time to celebrate who you are in this moment!)
How would you describe your ideal client?
If you know, tell me your Meyers Brigg personality letters, enneagram number, and/or love language! If you don’t know any of these I highly suggest you take them before our session. Ask me for the free tests!
Tell me a few of your favorites! (Ex. For me I would say God, Chick-fil-a and Canada + Scotland!)
Name a few things you’ve seen me do that you want to learn.
Anything else I should know or that you want to share??

Thank you for being awesome.

I can’t wait to hug + hangout with you!