Sarah + Josiah | Georgia Glamping in Shady Grove Campground | North Georgia Couple & Engagement Photographer

When I saw that glamping was a thing, my first reaction was that is way too frilly for me….then I actually got to the campsite and saw the tent.

My reaction quickly changed to WHAT THE HECK. THIS IS AMAZING!! It even had air conditioning. No joke.

I KNEW I had to do a session at one of these sites because it screamed adventure! And it is just SO different. So on a hot October day (that air conditioner came in real handy on this 85 degree evening let me tell you…) I kidnapped Sarah & Josiah - two of my good photo friends - and we headed down to Shady Grove Campsite off Lake Lanier to check out our one of a kind, boho styled tent. Thankfully they came willingly and to this date this is one of my favorite shoots I’ve yet to encounter!

The inside of the tents were SO stylish - they had a coffee maker, diffuser, (I instantly turned that on because I am obsessed with good smells) refrigerator, a bed for two, chairs, and that freaking awesome air conditioner you could adjust. Talk about luxury camping!! I felt spoiled hehehe.

After rolling around in front of the tent, jumping on the bed, roasting in front of a campfire, running back to the air conditioner for a cool down break, and kayaking off into the sunset…well it was an absolutely perfect evening. (mainly because of that AIR-CON NOT EVEN GONNA LIE.)

Looking to book a Glamping session of your own? Better yet, want a fun adventure photo session?? Book a stay today over at Georgia Glamping and let me know - we will get your Glamping photo session a rollin’!

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I’m an adventure photographer based in the North Georgia Mountains and I LOVE getting lost in nature and seeking light everywhere I go. When I am not out frolicking in nature you can find me bing watching The Office, eating Chick-Fil-a, or planning my next travel adventure - probably to Canada because I think I’d be Canadian in another I am not a JUST a photographer – someone who takes pictures because I have the ability. NOPE. I am Shelby: a woman who thrives to share light with others through the outlets God has blessed me in. Photography happens to be an amazing role I am able to do that through.  No matter what stage of life I am passing through, I will always be a light seeker - moving to grow, wandering this pathway so that I can bring to other what God has given to me.