Canadian Travel Guide: The BEST Places to Visit in Western Canada

If you have followed me for awhile you may have discovered that I am slightly obsessed with Canada. (Like REAL hooked, as in TAKE ME CANADA…I’M YOURS!) I have visited a handful of times in the past two years and I have no plans to stop anytime soon. Usually during a visit (within the first few days of my stay) I am already booking my next trip to come back.

This guide will only go over certain places in Alberta & British Columbia so if you are looking for other Providences you may want to keep on digging elsewhere. Sorry! West Canada just has me so hooked; I keep coming back.

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Sarah + Josiah | Georgia Glamping in Shady Grove Campground | North Georgia Couple & Engagement Photographer

I KNEW I had to do a session at one of these sites because it screamed adventure! And it is just SO different. So on a hot October day (that air conditioner came in real handy on this 85 degree evening let me tell you…) I kidnapped Sarah & Josiah - two of my good photo friends - and we headed down to Shady Grove Campsite off Lake Lanier to check out our one of a kind, boho styled tent. Thankfully they came willingly and to this date this is one of my favorite shoots I’ve yet to encounter!

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Leighanne + Jeremy | Cloudland Canyon Elopement | North Georgia Elopement wedding photographer

Leighanne contacted me a week before their elopement date because they were trying to chase Autumn as it came down the East Coast. We were heading into the middle of November so Fall was just about coming to a close, however North Georgia still was shining brightly with it golden hues. 

So she chose North Georgia as the place they would say their forever vows, and contacted me as it is where I live. I LOVED how they let nature chose their date - instead of going with their wishes, it was completely by fate of where Autumn rested! 

 I knew a perfect place for them to celebrate their new season - I suggested Cloudland Canyon and she fell in love! 

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WeddingsShelby Robinson
Andrew + Emi | Lake Lanier Adventure Session | North Georgia destination wedding photographer

This past fall I had a craving to do a water session. 1. because it has been so freaking hot, and 2. because I am always trying to do different things - switch it up a little ya know?? So I put out a model call looking for a couple who would be willing to frolic together in the water. (frolic is another word for water fights in this case. So basically this was their time to get back at their person…and get cute pictures. WIN WIN, EH??)

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