Frequently Asked Questions

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Why “Thistle + Wood?”

A thistle is the national flower of Scotland (which is a culture & history I am obsessed with) that represents bravery, devotion, courage, and determination. I have been to Kenya, Canada, and all throughout the United States and have found this flower to be growing proudly no matter where I go. It is a symbol of strength to me, and I look forward to seeking it out any new places I go.

I’m am also obsessed with anything wood. So when it came to creating my wedding collections, I wanted to put a little piece of me - as a keepsake - inside them. To me I also saw characteristics of what a marriage should have: strength & durability - something that can handle wear and scratches and yet still hold itself together. Unique wood grain - it will never be the same no matter how many boxes are made. It will be solely yours

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How do we book you?

AHH YES! First be sure to check out my INVESTMENT page to see my approach to photography! If what you see lines up with you what you’re wanting then you are ready to slide in my DM’s (I’m trying to be cool - I should probably stop) over at the BOOKING page.

Be sure to tell me about YOU - your story , your favorite things about each other. I love hearing your stories because it makes you all the more real to me. AND I want to see if we will be a good fit. I want you to have the best photographer for YOU, and sometimes that won’t be me. Honestly is 100% important to me, and that carries over to my collections and what I think will be best suited for you.

Don’t worry - I got ya covered!

I require a 30% retainer and signed contract to lock in your date. The rest of the payment is due a week before your day..

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May I have the RAW/unedited images?

Nope! When you go to a store to purchase a DVD, do you expect to get the unedited footage from the company? No! You get the finalized product. It is their finished piece, their own style that made the movie appeal to you in the first place. This is exactly how my editing ways are to my images. Sealed and signed by my personal touch! Check out my INVESTMENT page to read more on my style of editing.  

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The complimentary engagement session, can I save money by removing the it from a collection?

NO! Complimentary means FREE. The engagement session that comes with your wedding package is an optional freebie - you can choose to use it or not. It hold no monetary value, so the only thing you lose out on is some fun photos with your person. It is a free gift and helps you get a feel for my shooting style. Plus it gives us a chance to meet and have fun! 

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Do you Photoshop your clients?

My mission to photograph authenticity - the REAL you and at the reflection of your love for each other. So I do not make alterations to that. Everyone is so unique and and lovely, and I want YOU to see how beautiful YOU are. As a girl who has learn to embrace herself for the beauty God gave me, (after coming from a place where I did not see an ounce of it) I completely understand the fears and doubts you have. I have been there 100%. It is not good to stay in that dark place, and I believe God gave me this ability to capture authenticity to share with other the beauty He poured into them. So let me show you are beautiful YOU are!

I will however photoshop temporary blemishes such as bruises or ache. I understand that struggle too and I got you covered - literally! If you have a favorite side, don’t be afraid to tell me when we are shooting!

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Do you travel? Where are you based?

The first answer is a HECK YES. (cue photo on the left) Travel & adventure are in my SOUL. I wish to be a seeker of light wherever God leads me - to soak in the richness of the nature world that He created. So I decided to pour this same ideal into my photography: to seek light in adventurous places…with you and Your Love!

I am based in the North Georgia Mountains.

p.s. Don’t ask me to go to Atlanta..I HATE it. #mountaingirl

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How many Photos will we get?

For weddings & elopements I guarantee 75/hour. This is me underpromising and most likely I will be overdelivering. (I’m shameless) Every wedding is unique and I LOVE to capture every bit of the emotion that flows within in. Because of that I also do NOT cap out at a certain amount of photos. I am going to be encompassing the details of your day - so you better believe I am not going to limit that in the photos delivered.

Regular sessions I promise 100 images. Wahoo!

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What is your turn around time?

For Elopements & weddings my turn around time is 4-6 weeks. For regular sessions it is 2 weeks.

For weddings, I will give you a small gallery of around 50 images that highlight your day during your wait. You are able to download these images to share and print while you wait for your big gallery. I am just as excited to share them with you as you are to see them – I won’t keep you hanging!  

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How will we receive out photos?

All my wedding & elopement collections come with a keepsake personalized wooden box & USB. (all handmade here in the US of A) I’m still that person who loves tangible goods - books, CDs, you name it. In this digital age everything is just that DIGITAL. That is not always fun, and personally I feel like it is harder to appreciate things for what they are. So consider me old school but I still send your photos via snail mail! Plus nothing beats actually getting to hold your photos in your hands.

You also will receive an online gallery to share with family & friends. The option to purchase professional prints through this website will be right there for you, however your USB will come with a release form so you can make your own prints too!

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