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Hi, I’m Shelby!


I’m a North Georgia-based photographer, chaser of light, tongue-tied, Scotland & Canada obsessed journeyer. I love the rain and stormy days. I never want to stop learning about people and the world. I am a daughter of God.

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Not all who wander…


If you can finish that quote then we are gonna be fast friends! As someone who fully believes people should never stop growing, I love learning about the people I come across. Even more, I am SO blessed when I get to document their love story!

The mountains are my home, and I am sucker for cold weather. Take me to a city, and I’ll be counting down the minutes till I can get back out! I love the smell of campfires and Christmas trees, and basically have filled every room in my house with these candles. Nature is SUCH an important part of my life, and (if my photo name didn’t already tell you that hehe) I hope I spend the rest of my life traveling to soak in every bit of beauty that lies within this Earth.

I am not a JUST a photographer – someone who takes pictures because I have the ability. NOPE. I am Shelby: a woman who thrives to share light with others through the outlets God has blessed me in. Photography happens to be an amazing role I am able to do that through.  No matter what stage of life I am passing through, I will always be a light seeker - moving to grow, wandering this pathway so that I can bring to other what God has given to me.




Let me tell you about it!


A name that embodies so much of who I am in three words.

For so long I have had two photography brands: my portrait & fantasy work. From the beginning, it was a confusing mess trying to deviate between the two. In 2018, I have felt this immense calling to change my branding – not just switching up color and logos, but a complete renovation with a name change - a name that was not mine, but reflected more of me than just a name.

After endless praying, the name finally came to me! (with God’s placing of course)  I instantly fell in love because the name embodied so much of me and what I want in my brand. I strive for natural, real, outdoor adventures, and LOVE. 

A thistle is the national flower of Scotland (which is a culture & history I am obsessed with) that represents bravery, devotion, courage, and determination. I have been to Kenya, Canada, and all throughout the United States and have found this flower to be growing proudly no matter where I go. It is a symbol of strength to me, and I look forward to seeking it out any new places I go.

I’m am also obsessed with anything wood. So when it came to creating my wedding collections, I wanted to put a little piece of me - as a keepsake - inside them. To me I also saw characteristics of what a marriage should have: strength & durability - something that can handle wear and scratches and yet still hold itself together. Unique wood grain - it will never be the same no matter how many boxes are made. It will be solely yours. 

Thistle + Wood could NOT be a more perfect representation of me, I am so excited for all the adventurous spirits I will get to explore with, and I cannot WAIT to document their love story along the way.

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Some of my favorites things…


I believe in loving God + loving people

Watching Parks & Rec + The Office over…and over endlessly



Pride & Prejudice


Anything Scottish or Celtic

Seeking light everywhere

Learning about people

thistle wood thistlewood photography photo photographer shelby robinson

Challenging myself towards growth

Having travel plans on the horizon…check out my BUCKET LIST!

Movie scores (the instrumental music that’s brings life to movies)

Personality Tests & Love Languages

The How To Train Your Dragon Trilogy

Rain & cloudy days

Going barefoot



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